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There are few options out there for those seeking good Dubstep Making Software and other production tools.

To those who are not presently educated on the matter, the best Dubstep software is Dubturbo.

You can download it from:

There is a wide variety of reasons why the popularity of this program has grown immensely in recently times, the most notable of such, is the fact that it is so very easy to use.


The Easiest and Cheapest Dubstep Software:

As mentioned above, this program is without a doubt, the most user-friendly platform on the market. There have been countless new-comers (and those with some experience) who pull out of music production completely, as they are not familiar with the platform, which leads to high levels of frustration and eventually quitting all together.

User Friendly:

Watch the tutorial videos in the member’s area and you will be highly competent in no time. Don’t give up on your dream because you have to educate yourself on a new program – this part will be easy with Dubturbo.

Downloading Straight Away:

All the other big name Dubstep maker programs must be purchased in a store, in person or from online shops. This means that while those who did buy a boxed package are waiting for it to arrive in the post, you have already produced and mastered a full album. Well, you know what I am getting at here…

Price Point:

Dubturbo is not free, but nothing with full, high quality capabilities ever is.  Compared to the $300.00 you will pay for the nearest competing program (+ shipping costs and time) – $39.95 for Dubturbo represents amazing value.

No More Hardware:

Downloading and installing this dubstep maker software to your computer is all you need. Many of the expensive programs require hardware interfaces in order to function and additional hardware to produce full tracks on a professional level.

One of the basic needs of any digital music producer is a midi-based drum machine or drum pad, so you can be a “real” musician tap your beats by hand. Dubturbo has unique keyboard drum triggers, which replace your expensive drum machine. The reality of this is; you choose your drum sounds and use your keyboard keys as the drum pads.


As touched on above, the other more expensive program only make a version for PC and another such program is made by Apple, for Apple machines only. Dubturbo has both versions so there is no restrictions on what machine you choose to use as a personal computer. This personal computer will essentially end up as your personal studio.

Samples and Kits:

There are so many cool samples that can be used in your Dubstep tracks, you will never go through them all. Hundreds of original (especially created for Dubturbo) drum kits can be chosen to produce wicked sounding beats, not to mention all the different instrument sounds. Additional kits and sounds can be downloaded from the supplier website if needed.

Final Mixes:

As all the sounds you utilize through Dubturbo are of the highest quality to begin with, it makes clean final mixes and the exported track sound amazing when the full quality .wav file is bounced from the session. This process is very fast and efficient and can literally be done with a single mouse click, should you not want to customize your export further.

Check out the official Dubturbo website by clicking the download button below.


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Fear the Reaper

In the world of music production software there are a couple of heavyweights on the block. Reaper is one of those that competes mainly due to its price, but it still gives you ample Midi integration into your production. Reaper comes on a small budget which is any aspiring DJ’s cream dream. With other software out there costing at least $300 USD and up, the Reaper software comes as a breath of fresh air with what it has to offer for the price it costs.

General Overview

When you look at the Reaper software for the first time, especially if you have worked on Cubase or Logic you’ll find that the sequence editor could definitely use some work. Nonetheless the software has some incredible features that can be used in the hands of a creative mind perfectly. The program itself doesn’t eat up your disk space like Cubase as the program is incredibly light.

Recording and editing can also use some work but Reaper manages to maintain a decent standard. Though you’ll find that you won’t be able to play around as much as you like with the audio recording, the midi capabilities will guarantee you a spot at making some interesting loops and so on. The I/O of the program is compatible with most midi interphases and will not crap out on you when you’re using it.

This dubstep software over all is very easy to use, as is the case of most music software, yet will leave the more dedicated DJ’s wanting more. This is perfect as starter software that will give you enough tools to play with in order to become a prominent DJ. There is no doubt in my mind that if you want to break into the profession of becoming a master Dubstep DJ, that Reaper is a brilliant first choice.


  • Piano Roll – As in the case of almost all production software, the piano roll is very easy to use and will give you the ranges you so desperately seek.
  • Step Sequencer – If you’re up for creating your patterns, Reaper won’t leave you in the dark.
  • Mixed Midi/Audio waveform editor – It does pretty much what is needed when it comes to sound production. Record your midi tracks and edit them to your liking.
  • Mastering Suit – Balance your sounds with all the wonderful plugins found on this cheap yet very reliable software.


So now let’s jump into recommendations and what not. Reaper is not software that you will want to buy when you already own programs like Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools or even Live. The software lacks a lot of premium things that will take your production level to the max, but in Reaper’s defense the price is ideal.

Anyone who is barely starting up their dream of becoming a prominent DJ will love this software. If you have a small budget to work with you cannot spend all your money on the software, there still is a lot of hardware that needs to be purchased. Thus Reaper does give the DJ on a budget the option to start editing, recording and mixing up tracks for quite cheap. Therefore anyone interested in kick starting their career can definitely consider Reaper as a viable solution for editing software.


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Event of the Year – WMC

Miami’s Winter Music Conference (WMC) 2012 is just around the corner, taking place the last few weeks of March, and it’s an event that every electronic music lover should attend at some point in their lives. Whether you’re into music or just music technology, it’s one of the longest-running, largest events in the world of its kind.

Hundreds of parties, showcases, forums, panels, and events of every type will take place at dozens of venues, and there is not only something for everyone, there is more than any person can handle.

For Mainstream Folks or Newcomers:

Ultra Music Festival is one of the mainstays of the events, and perhaps the most promoted and largest in scope. Tens of thousands of people per day for three days during the weekend will converge onto Bayfront Park in downtown Miami for the biggest headliners in the world on some of the largest stages imaginable. Tickets always sell out, but there are always ways to get some if you make it there. Just a few of the massive names that are going to be there in 2012 are Tiesto, Kraftwerk, Carl Cox, Justice, Avicii, David Guetta, and Armin Van Buuren. There are literally dozens of other acts during those three days that would each be a major headliner in any other city at any other time, so if you want to gauge the spirit of mainstream techno today, this is your place to do it.

For the Already-Initiated:

If you’ve already been explored the surface of the electronic music scene, WMC is also a place where you can see the underground artists let all of the energy hang loose at events around the city. With so much music in the same place, the only way to be distinct is to be 100% genuine, so you will see the top artists on earth playing what they love the most, and see the most rabid fans out there just eating it up.

The more underground events aren’t necessarily promoted as much, so finding a word-of-mouth community there is absolutely essential if you want to find the dark corners with the best music in the best places. It’s a very interested filtering process for you to get in these places, but once you do, you’ll understand why people are protective about who gets to get in.

The Conference Events:

One of the more interesting aspects of the Winter Music Conference is the actual conference events. Some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene will have lectures and demonstrations of equipment and how they make or perform their music, and it’s an insider look that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Miami is often the one place per year that these artists will have these showcases, so even though it is tempting to sleep all day and party all night, there are definitely some daytime events that are worth hitting up. Many of them are even free if you register in advance.


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Protools For Dubstep

If we’re going to be talking about software we’ll definitely have to talk about Pro Tools. Not only has Pro Tools been deemed as the industry standard, it has stayed that way for more than a decade. Obviously this software should not be used if you are a beginner due to price, but when you are ready to push your music production career to the next level…this software is definitely it.

General Observations

Where Pro Tools lacks in their live performance options they have truly invested a lot of effort in making the recording process superb. This obviously isn’t great news for DJ’s as there are a lot of cheaper software available that will give you more options for live sets, such as Ableton’s Live.

Yet if you want to have polished sounds, perfect sampling and post production, Pro Tools is definitely a solid choice. In reality when you look at the price tag to the software, and the necessary hardware to run the software, and you compare this to the quality of sound you’ll be able to record…it all works out. You might easily have to dish out $1000 or more for the basic recording pack, but in the end you’ll come to the conclusion that the price is irrelevant due to the quality of your productions.

A closer look

When you open the Pro Tools interphase you’ll be shocked at just how many options you have in your arsenal. Let’s take a closer looks shall we?

  • Pitch Matching – identify intervals, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements of music.
  • Dynamic beat visualizer -A feature that takes one beat and matches it visually.
  • Supports Stand Alone – All you really need is a mic input and you’re rocking!
  • Elastic Time – Automatically match up tempo from different clips


Even though Pro Tools definitely will take your recording process and blow it to outer space, the final verdict on this software for Dubstep is…not likely. The price tag is way too high for focusing merely on Dubstep. Granted if you are a full time recording artist or producer and want to do more than just DJ Dubstep, and more importantly if you have the money to dish out for this software, you should definitely look into Pro Tools.

The only factor that truly makes this not a viable option is that you do not have the live features as you get in Reason or in Live, not to mention that these programs are considerably cheaper than Pro Tools. Thus boys and girls it’s best if you stick to programs such as Live or Reason over Pro Tools for Dubstep. Read more on the official website:


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